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Blooming Medusa, 2022

Plastic, thread, light, cord

Creatures of the sea or modern mythological communicators, these lights transcend their original material.  The threads, weaving, and sewing together at the same time as ripping apart at the seams.  They appear out of nowhere, they glow in the dark, and they seem to intertwine  stories that bring us together. 

Many sea organisms have their own luminescence.  Some jellyfish have bioluminescent organs.  The connection of these invertebrates in this installation is bridged through the relationships between each other, flickering in code. This light installation brings together intimate arrangements of our environment creating a new language. 


These works were first shown at a bar in Columbus, Ohio  amongst people want to make connections and get to know others.  The lights and the hanging appendages takes a new life of their own as bodies dance and celebrate around them.  

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